Clean Cookstoves and Climate Change

October 19, 2012 · 0 comments

Clean Cookstoves and Climate Change Fact Sheet, 2012.

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Clean Cookstoves Can Help Address Climate Change
In addition to the health and economic empowerment benefits associated with their use, clean cookstoves and fuels can also lead to a more sustainable and cleaner environment. If appropriately designed and disseminated, clean cookstoves can reduce a large share of emissions from cooking with biomass. These reductions also bring other benefits, such as reduced indoor and outdoor pollution, less pressure on forests, and economic and time savings due to the reduced need to search for or purchase costly fuels. Since they have short life spans – a few days for black carbon, a decade for methane – reducing these gases would bring about a more rapid climate response than reductions in CO2 alone.

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