USAID/Bangladesh Cookstove Activities-2012

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USAID/Bangladesh Cookstove Activities, May 2012.

Richard Greene, Mission Director, USAID/Bangladesh.

Excerpt from presentation – Assessment of Improved Cookstove Market Southwest Bangladesh May 2012

  • Fuel use: most households used mixed fuels- dung, leaves and agricultural bi-products, little wood (limited potential carbon finance)
  • Fuel expenditure: range of expenditures, many prioritize free fuels first, high dependency on collected dung, leaves, agricultural waste. Reported spending ranged from BDT 400-1200 for traditional and ICS.
  • Cooking location: most traditional cooking in semi-enclosed or open spaces (in dry season). Adoption of ICS drove some cooking indoors
  • Hardware: observed design, quality control, performance and maintenance issues with current ICS/chimneys
  • Stove use: multiple stoves in parallel, specific needs for certain foods, ICS needs more constant tending (e.g. Can’t put on rice and go do other chores)
  • Financing: multiple promising partners; proven finance models using installments (e.g. Grameen Shakti solar home systems)
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Md. Istiak Azad April 13, 2013 at 6:41 am

Date: April 08, 2013

Mr. Richard Greene
Mission Director

Subject: Request to create strong bonding on Improved Cook Stove (ICS) with the USAID.

Dear Sir,

Greetings from RDF!

We Resource Development Foundation (RDF) detailed in are also working with the rural households in Improve Cooking Stove (ICS) for ensuring family institutions and peach in Bangladesh. We are very much encouraging to understand that you have assistance to improve the same (ICS).

We have been working in 25 districts across the country since 1993. RDF has been working with GIZ since 2009 and till March-2013, we have already installed a number of 14,000 ICS to the rural people of Bangladesh and it is true, we are 2nd in position in ICS in the development sector of the country.

Being a philanthropic organization and its social commitment, we deeply realize the importance and necessity for installing ICS to reduce GHG’s emission. We know that ICS is an Eco friendly solution for household cooking for establishing aforesaid family institutions in Bangladesh.

Considering our socioeconomic condition and climatic change as well as climate induced vulnerabilities it has been observed that a majority portion of mass people are still using traditional system for cooking which causes severe health hazards. So still there is huge opportunity to work in this sector.

In view of the above, we came to know that you have been operating various development activities on ICS. As RDF and USAID/Bangladesh, both the organizations have similar kind of intervention on ICS and to some extend of the both organization. We have same development objectives so we are eagerly expressing our keen interest to work with USAID/Bangladesh as one of your development partners.

Your prompt response in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

(Md. Istiak Azad)
Assistant Director
Cell: +88-01733065522


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