Cookstove Presentations from ETHOS Conference 2013

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ETHOS Conference 2013 Agenda (pdf)

Saturday Morning

Large Group Presentations & PanelsRaynee Chiang
Overview of Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Activities (pdf)

Katie Gross
Update on Winrock/EPA Initiatives and Upcoming Activities (pdf)

John Mitchell
Review of ISO International Workshop Agreement (IWA) Cookstove Guidance (pdf)

Raynee Chiang
Global Alliance Testing & Standards Update (pdf)

Classroom Breakout Sessions

Christian L’Orange
Development of Design and Optimization Tools for Tier 4 Biomass Cookstoves (pdf)

Nordica MacCarty
A Heat Transfer Model For Conceptual Design Of Biomass Cookstoves (pdf)

Dean Still
Tier 3-4 Stoves: How to Make Them! (pdf)(pdf)

Damon Ogle and Denis Hartley
InStove: New Initiatives in Africa and Haiti, a Nigerian Stove-Factory-In-A-Box, and a Water Pasteurization Application (pdf)

Peter Scott
BURN’s New Tank Stove (pdf)

Sebastian Africano
Improving Access to Clean Energy Using Cookstove Networks (pdf)

Risha Mal
Effective Utilization of Cook Stoves for Electricity Generation using TEG (pdf)

Mark Wagner
Thermoelectric Cookstove – Nicaragua (pdf)

Daniel Wilson
Can Cookstoves Pay Off Their Embodied Carbon? (pdf)

Saturday Afternoon

Large Group Presentations & PanelsJames Dailey, Craig Wainscot, Dee Lawrence, Peter Scott, and Liz Gruben
Carbon Credits in 2013: Where are we now? What has been our experience?

  • The Paradigm Project (pdf)
  • Post Carbon Euphoria (pdf)
  • Proyecto Mirador (pdf)
  • Carbon Credits in 2013 -Current Status and Future Projections (pdf)
  • Classroom Breakout SessionsDale Andreatta

    Recent Experiments in Ohio Regarding Stoves (pdf)(pdf)(pdf)

    Rebecca Chin
    The Noflay Clay Brick Stove: Lessons Learned from Pilot Implementation in West Africa (pdf)

    Christa Roth
    A Look on IWA From an Implementers Perspective: First Experiences and Questions Arising from GIZ-Stove Implementation (pdf)

    Elisa Derby
    How to Match Consumers with Stoves They Will Buy and Actually Use (pdf)

    Rajendra Prasad
    Biomass Cookstove Testing Protocols and Standards in India (pdf)

    Ranyee Chiang
    Updating and Standardizing WBT Calculations (pdf)

    Paul Anderson
    Challenges and Solutions about TLUD stoves (pdf)

    Om Prakash
    Adoption of Clean Cooking Stoves and Operational Model in India(pdf)

    Christa Roth
    Kitchen Ventilation to Reduce Air Pollution Levels from Cookstove Smoke(pdf)

    Saturday Evening

    Tami Bond, Keynote Speaker
    Something easy like “They Ask You Questions” (pdf)

    Sunday Morning

    Large Group Presentations & PanelsChrista Roth, Elisa Derby, Ranyee Chiang, Karsten Bechtel, Victor Berrueta, and Mark Bryden
    100 million homes with Tier 3 stoves by 2020

    Classroom Breakout SessionsPaul Means
    Stove Testing for Durability (pdf)

    James Dailey
    Delivery and After Sales Service (pdf)

    Jim Jetter
    Update on U.S. EPA Research Activities (pdf)

    Ranyee Chiang and Michael Johnson
    Standardized Stove Reporting for IWA Tiers of Performance and the Stove Performance Inventory (pdf)

    Mark DeYoung and Jarod Maggio
    Kitchen 2.0: Indoor Air Quality Modeling Utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics for Application in Developing Countries (pdf)

    Kelli Whelan
    Kitchen 2.0: Design Guidance for Healthier Cooking Environments (pdf)

    Sunday Afternoon

    Large Group Presentations & PanelsNathan Johnson, Aaron Liss, and Daniel Stokley
    Powering Rural Health and Wellness

  • Powering Rural Energy Services (pdf)
  • The Nexus of Renewable Energy and Community Developement (pdf)
  • Green Technology in the Field (pdf)

    Classroom Breakout SessionsRon Larson
    Specifying Stove Performance in Climate Terms(pdf)

    Harold Annegarn & Crispin Pemberton-Pigott
    Metrics for Domestic Combustion Stoves: Towards a Shared Vocabulary (pdf)

    Rebecca Vermeer
    Cooking in Prisons with ECO-KALAN-C & MAGIC BOX (pdf)

    Rajnish Jain
    Village-level Pine Needle Gasification to Meet Rural Electrical and Cooking Energy Needs in the Indian Central Himalayas (pdf)

    Chris Lanning & Paul Menas
    A Simple Alternative to Charcoal (pdf)

    Marc Pare
    Excess Air Calculations (pdf)

    Sam Bentson & Huang Fu Yi Bo
    Correlations Between Light Scattering and Gravimetric PM Measurement (pdf)

    James Agajo
    Efficient Database System for Networkable Carbon Monoxide Monitoring for Nomadic Indoor Cooking Environment Using WSN

    Cheryl Weyant
    Comparative Analysis of Stove Emission Variability Using a Large Global Dataset (pdf)

    Papers and Other Resources

    Christa Roth, Dean Still, & Dale Andreatta
    Stoves 101 (pdf)

    StoveTeam International Year in Review (pdf)

    Sanya Detweiler
    Mud Stoves in Panama (pdf)

    Peter Keller
    Aid Africa (pdf)


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