Business model innovation in the water sector in developing countries

June 25, 2014 · 1 comment

Business model innovation in the water sector in developing countries. Sci Total Environ. 2014 Aug

Gebauer H, et al.

Various technologies have been deployed in household devices or micro-water treatment plants for mitigating fluoride and arsenic, and thereby provide safe and affordable drinking water in low-income countries. While the technologies have improved considerably, organizations still face challenges in making them financially sustainable. Financial sustainability questions the business models behind these water technologies.

This article makes three contributions to business models in the context of fluoride and arsenic mitigation. Firstly, we describe four business models: A) low-value devices given away to people living in extreme poverty, B) high-value devices sold to low-income customers, C) communities as beneficiaries of micro-water treatment plants and D) entrepreneurs as franchisees for selling water services and highlight the emergence of hybrid business models.

Secondly, we show current business model innovations such as cost transparency & cost reductions, secured & extended water payments, business diversification and distribution channels.

Thirdly, we describe skills and competencies as part of capacity building for creating even more business model innovations. Together, these three contributions will create more awareness of the role of business models in scaling-up water treatment technologies.

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Praven Pillay July 18, 2014 at 1:53 pm

Dear Sir/Madam

I note your article and the focusing on arsenic and fluoride reduction in drinking water.
I have the please to introduce Watermaker which is floc/disinfectant (NaDCC) based but also reduces the above.

Note that we currently have an Long term agreements with Unicef, ACF and we supply ICRC, Oxfam and other key NGO’s.
Since I’m not sure exactly what your partners about our product I’ll try to be as brief as possible while touching on the core issues.
1) Firstly, about our company but in a nutshell: we’re a family owned business that was established in 1971.
We directly operate our own infrastructure in 3 continents (USA, Australia and South Africa) and our client base includes,
amongst others, major transnational retailers, governments, the US Military, global food processing and water treatment companies and, of course, NGOs. Hence we want to focus on promoting Watermaker with NGO’s, Governments, etc globally.

2) The WMs advantages, benefits and properties is highlighted as follows:
Watermaker is a patented, high-speed Purifier and Flocculant performs across the widest range of water types Vs competitor products.
Watermaker contains NaDCC
Removes heavy toxins like Arsenic, Cynide, Parathions, etc
Reduced chlorine taint after dilution Vc competitor products
Stable under real world conditions for 36 months
USEPA registered EPA approved. Our technology was even subjected to an intensive 3-year evaluation by the US Army Research Facility at Natick, Ma. Watermaker utilises 60% less chemical by mass per litre of water than competitor products.
Significant reduction of cost of distribution, logistics and warehousing to remote locations i.e. 1 ton of competitor products treats 250,000 litres, WHILST 1 ton of Watermaker treats 400,000L litres.
Supplied pack sizes as with a average ppm of 2.7 to 4.3 for each pack size:
600mg for 1L (supplied exclisive to US and other military globally)
2.5g for 10L (67mg equivalent)
5g for 20L (167mg equivalent
50g for 200L (note that is equivalent to the Oasis 1000 and with WMs advantage of the flocullant, reduce chlorine taste and reduced toxins!)
300g for 1000L (ideal for refugee, field and army camps)
1kg for 5000L (ideal for refugee, field and army camps)
Conforms to House-hold Water and Treatment & Sanitisation (HWTS) protocols i.e. the average PPM is between 2.75 to 4.3; hence it can adoptable to your Area Development Programmes (ARD’s) as well your humanitarian & emergency Pre-positioning.

Thanks and look forward to extending this discussion.

Kind regards,
Praven Pillay
Global Sales & Marketing
Control Chemicals
Other Email:
Mob. UK: 00447889942237
Skype: praven.pillay


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