HIV/AIDS Home-Based Care Costing Guidelines

  • Source:
  • Hsi N, Musau S, Chanfreau C. 2005. Bethesda, MD. PHRplus

  • Summary:
  • As the global HIV/AIDS community considers options to scale up treatment and other aspects of care for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), providing care in the home of affected people is increasingly looked to as an option. Understanding the cost of home-based care (HBC) is essential to guide the efficiency and reach of organizations. These guidelines, therefore, present standard principles and steps of costing that can be applied to HBC interventions, particularly at the community level, to produce accurate and comparable cost estimates for the diverse HBC approaches and to better inform efficiency options. The document includes an overview of HBC costing guidelines that outlines objectives and intended audiences, defines HBC, and describes the information that results from the cost analysis methodology, and its benefit on an organization providing HBC; we also detail steps of the methodology.

  • Keywords:
  • Home-Based Care People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) Programming Guidance



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