PATH – Commercialization Toolkit

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PATH – Commercialization Toolkit

For the past five years, PATH’s Safe Water Project has worked to identify, evaluate, adapt, and develop appropriate products and strategies that enable social enterprises to sustainably produce, distribute, and support household water treatment and safe storage products for low- and middle-income populations. As a component of this program, we have worked extensively with developing country small- and medium-sized enterprises and social organizations (such as local nongovernmental organizations or NGOs) to build commercial capacity and create, test, and refine social business models that can have a meaningful impact on important health issues.

Through illustrative examples and case studies, the Commercialization Toolkit illustrates how PATH has helped partners through the commercialization process in several developing countries. It is organized into eight modules, each covering a different commercial discipline or approach. It is a living toolkit, in the sense that PATH and partners will continue to add and refine the tools and approaches contained within, and it is not meant to be exhaustive.

The toolkit modules include: Landscape, Product and service, Operations, Key opinion leaders, Sales, Marketing, Reporting, and Financing. Modules will be expanded and new ones will be added as PATH extends our work into new countries and health areas, such as sanitation and air quality.

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