Cambodia – Distribution of Ceramic Water Purifiers through Direct Sales

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Cambodia – Distribution of Ceramic Water Purifiers through Direct Sales and Retail Sales Pilots in Cambodia, 2012.

Prepared for:PATH. Prepared by: Abt Associates Inc.

Introduction – The PATH Safe Water Project (SWP) aims to develop sustainable distribution models for ensuring access to Household Water Treatment and SPATH Safe Water Storage (HWTS) products, together with promoting sustained use of those products over time by low-income populations. Pilot commercial models are implemented in several countries to assess and refine various HWTS products and business approaches.

In Cambodia, the SWP piloted two models for the distribution of a branded ceramic water purifier (CWP) Tunsai and an improved-design version introduced through the pilot under the brand Super Tunsai.  The models included  a retail sales model using existing retailers at the community/village level, and a direct sales model. The direct sales model had two variants: a door-to-door sales pilot and a pilot implemented through a partnership with a microfinance institution (MFI) which provided loans for the purchase of the promoted brands of CWP.

The retail sales model tested three different CWP price points through coupon-based discounts to consumers. PATH’s partners in the pilots were Hydrologic Social Enterprise, manufacturer and distributor of Tunsai, and VisionFund, a MFI operating in 17 provinces across Cambodia. This report presents the results from an evaluation of  the pilots conducted by Abt Associates in 2010-2011

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