CAWST – Biosand Filter Project Implementation materials (2012)

October 15, 2012 · 0 comments

The latest Biosand Filter Project Implementation materials (2012) are now available online!
What you will find there:
  • Biosand Filter Construction Manual – with updated information, in a great new illustrated, easy to read format!
  • Mold Package – instructions for how to construct steel molds (Version 10 With Ledge, Version 10 No Ledge, Version 9), tips for converting a Version 9 mold into a Version 10 mold, Tips for checking the quality of a mold, Guidelines for constructing a round steel mold, and links to two instructional videos about how to build a mold. A Welder Picture Book to accompany the mold instructions can be downloaded separately (due to its size).
  • Sand Package – instructions for how to do a Sand Grain Size Analysis (graphing by hand) and extra graphing worksheets, a Sand Grain Size Analysis Calculator (excel), instructions for making mini-sieve sets for doing a sand grain size analysis, Instructions for constructing sand sieves (full size for filter construction), and a one-page info sheet on specifications for 0.7mm screen.
  • BSF Case Studies – three BSF case studies (more to be added in the coming year!)
French and Spanish materials are currently being translated. They will be updated on the website when they are complete.
Also check out our new BSF page on the CAWST website! If you haven’t signed up for a BSF Google Group, consider becoming a member to get the latest information and support from a community of biosand filter implementers! Links to the two groups (Construction and Implementation) are available here.
Please contact CAWST if you require any other materials or support.
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