Increasing acceptance of chlorination for household water treatment: observations from Bangladesh

December 27, 2013 · 1 comment

Increasing acceptance of chlorination for household water treatment: observations from Bangladesh. Waterlines, Apr 2013.

S. Flanagan, et al.

Point-of-use water treatment, especially chlorination, is an effective intervention to reduce diarrhoea, a leading cause of death for children under five. Yet success in chlorination uptake has been limited. One obstacle is objection to treated water’s taste/odour. Protective chlorine residuals that are not offensive to users require accurate dosing – a challenge in practice. Further, taste sensitivity may be different for populations never exposed to chlorinated water.

Here, household chlorination trials in Bangladesh similarly revealed dissatisfaction with treated water due to taste and odour, although attempts to quantifychlorine sensitivity disputed the dissatisfaction at lower residuals. A granular activated carbon (GAC) filter fitted to the spigot of a covered tank removed the remaining chlorine residual prior to drinking and increased user satisfaction. Such a filter removes taste as a barrier and allows over-dosing contaminated water to ensure disinfection, with implications for areas with high source water variability and for emergency situations.


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Abhitabh Honap March 22, 2014 at 6:49 am

This is Abhitabh Honap, from Easol India.
Easol introduces you to online water chlorination, for drinking water from hand pumps. PurAll 50H is an online water chlorination solution to be fitted on a hand pump.
At every stroke of hand pump, water delivered from the hand pump shall be adequately
chlorinated, to ensure adequate disinfection, but at the same time ensure no unwanted smell of chlorine.

The solution works on a replaceable cartridge, which needs to be replaced after 125,000 liters till which it delivers 1 ppm chlorine at the outlet of water. The chlorine donor used in PurAll 50H is certified by the NSF, for drinking water.
The cartridge is very easy to replace, and that is the only maintenance the sytem needs.
Look forward to hear from you on prospects of this to be used in Bangaldesh in the light of the article above.

Abhitabh Honap / Director & CEO – Easol, India


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