July 23, 2014 WSUP/WASHplus Webinar – The power of creative thinking: working within and around challenging institutional frameworks

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The power of creative thinking: working within and around challenging institutional frameworks

Join WSUP and the WASHplus project for this webinar and discussion

  • Date:  Wednesday, July 23, 2014
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT (New York);  15.00 PM – 16:00 PM BST (London)

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Regardless of the setting, the local institutional framework for water and sanitation services will have a huge impact on the design and effectiveness of a WASH programme. These frameworks are not always functioning well, so the implementing organisation must answer some basic questions: who has the mandate to provide these services and how can we help them? What is the regulatory framework and which services does it cover? What are the bottlenecks to change? In many cases, creative thinking is required to find solutions and provide essential services that comply with regulations. Drawing upon case studies from WSUP and the USAID-funded WASHplus project, this webinar will explore how service provision can be improved in contexts with less-than-perfect institutional frameworks: we invite you to participate and share your experience!


  • Baghi Baghirathan, Programme Director, WSUP, will talk about “Breaking the barriers to water connections in low-income urban communities: experience from Mozambique”
  • Orlando Hernandez, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, WASHplus, will talk about “Flexible institutional partnerships to support sustainable WASH services in Madagascar”

An interactive panel discussion will follow the presentations. Questions are welcome!


  • Baghi Baghirathan, Programme Director, WSUP
  • Orlando Hernandez, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, WASHplus
  • Andy Narracott, Deputy CEO, WSUP
  • Jonathan Annis, Sanitation and Innovation Adviser, WASHplus

ModeratorGuy Norman, Head of Evaluation, Research and Learning, WSUP

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