– Cookstoves in Tanzania: User Insights and Opportunities

April 9, 2012 · 0 comments

Cookstoves in Tanzania: User Insights and Opportunities, 2012.

We used a human-centered design approach to examine the habits, motivations, and aspirations of cookstove users in Tanzania. We developed a consumer-based understanding of cookstove adoption and actionable opportunity areas for Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and its stakeholders to explore. Although focused on the Tanzanian market, many of the insights and opportunities are relevant globally.

People understand the value of efficient cookstoves when they buy them, but when it comes to each individual day, the benefits are too small to matter.  What does matters every day is how arduous it is to cook a meal.  Women will always default to the easier choice,making them value things that help make cooking easier and faster.

People understand the health impacts of open fires, but future health concerns don’t outweigh present economic realities.

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