Financing Sustainable Development: Ideas for Action

October 2, 2015 · 0 comments

Financing Sustainable Development: Ideas for Action, 2015. World Bank.

Access to clean cookstove technology for citizens at the bottom of the economic pyramid can be directly improved through a participatory model of Development Impact Bonds (DIBs). This proposed bond model enhances the current structureof DIBs financially, while also building in an innovative component that supports local training, education, and knowledge sharing. Unlike previous versions of DIBs, our model not only provides enhancedfinancial access to clean cookstove technology, but also furnishes the resources Financing Sustainable Development: Ideas for Action 51to train local individuals on the maintenance, distribution, and sales of the cookstoves. This structure enables adoption to occur in a culturally sensitive,sustainable way that empowers citizen involvement and adoption. In addition,the model funds the training of local NGO workers on impact measurementto demonstrate to investors the impact of their investment.

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